About us


SMV Hydraulic As is a continuance of Seljeseth Mek. Verksted and Stokmarknes Båtservice As and has approximately 30 employees today.

The history of this company stretch back to approximately 1930 and it started in a small forging/blacksmith workshop 30 km outside Stokamarknes.

We developed early our own design of mechanical deck equipment for the fishing fleet and in 1970 we started production of hydraulic capstans and winches. In 1987 we started developing specialised winches for storage and handling of oil spill booms. This has over the years become one of our core products.

The later years we have further specialised our activities in the areas of hydraulics and diesel including trading, installation and service.


The company is located at Børøya near Stokmarknes in Hadsel municipality.

Stokmarknes is the centre of the municipality with a well-developed infrastructure with among other things deep water harbour and daily freight and personell vessels landing here.

There is also a very short distance to a local airport with frequent flights both north and south bound.


The company is organised in two departments:

· Production and sales

· Boat Service


SMV Hydraulic As is one of 10 owners in Hålogaland Olje & Energi As.

The company has ben established to gather several companies under one umbrella to be more competitive when offering products and services to the Oil and Energy Sector.

Hålogaland Olje & Energi As an umbrella and a contact point for customers in the oil and energy sector. HO&E is one of the companies whom together with Momek are partners with Aibel on the Norne project.

SMV Hydraulic As - Måkeveien 21A eller Postboks 174 - 8455 Stokmarknes
Telefon: 476 78 000 - Faks