SMV Hydraulic As is a continuance of Seljeseth Mek. Verksted and Stokmarknes Båtservice As and has approximately 11 employees today.
The history of this company stretch back to approximately 1930 and it started in a small forging/blacksmith workshop 30 km outside Stokamarknes.

Today, SMV Hydraulic AS is wholly owned by Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS, which is a Norwegian-owned importer of a number of well-known brands in hydraulics, tools, parts, workshop equipment, construction and industrial products. Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS was one of the first to start with hydraulic and industrial products in Norway, and has extensive experience and expertise in this field.

The companies SMV Hydraulic AS and Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS now together represent a worldwide network of products, solutions, opportunities and expertise.

To realize this, and invest in the future, we have chosen to refurbish our production premises and our offices in Måkeveien 21 A in Stokkmarknes.

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The company is organised with administration and production.

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SMV Hydraulic As is wholly owned by Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS.

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